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Dennis Pacheco has appeared in commercials for Wayfair, Popeyes, Carl's Jr., the New Jersey Lottery, and many others. His voice can be heard on podcasts like The Truth, Everything is Alive, Famous Dead People, and Girl Tales. He is the co-host and co-creator (with Ellen Matthews) of The Pursuit of Perfectness, a podcast for people who are a bit too hard on themselves.

Dennis has been performing on stage since 2011. Along with his home base, the Magnet Theater, Dennis trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade, Reckless Theatre, and The Barrow Group. 

You can catch him performing on the cast of The Armando Diaz Experience Saturday nights at the Magnet.


He is the director of Livewire sketch team Newport.


He lives in Brooklyn with his partner and their two cats.

Dennis has taught improvisation at the Magnet Theater since 2021. You can find information on upcoming classes at

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